Nicolas Paré B.Ing. Analyst & Project Controller (PCO)

Ready to face any challenge, his determination is truly remarkable, and he never wavers when faced with project contingencies.Since joining DBC as a business analyst, his keen analytical skills and strong reliability have proved admirable and noteworthy.

Having worked on engineering projects that integrate many disciplines alongside professionals with diverse skills, Nicolas is determined to deliver optimal solutions that satisfy everyone’s needs and constraints.

A proud graduate of Polytechnique Montréal with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, Nicolas’ management skills were developed during his time as an exchange student in Lisbon, Portugal. Nicolas has made many contributions throughout his trajectory, ranging from his involvement with the Engineering Games Committee to his role as a student ambassador, supporting past and future cohorts and helping to promote the university.

He began his career working with a world leader in the medical sector, where he juggled the many facets of production processes, including assembly line analysis, health and safety risk assessment, project management, computer vision software programming, and mechanical design.

Driven by the desire to solve complex and varied problems, he makes the most of his talent by working as a consultant. Nicolas also enjoys building strong relationships with his clients, who consider him to be conscientious and reasoned. To stay ahead of the curve and satisfy his curiosity, he keeps himself up to date with current affairs and renowned publications such as the Harvard Business Review.

In his spare time, Nicolas loves spending time in the kitchen, cooking anything and everything, including pastries. He also enjoys reading and training.