Our team members have been selected for their ability to deliver projects with utmost efficiency and attention to detail. Drawing on their experience in project management, their respective fields of expertise, their understanding of SAP methodology and their interpersonal skills, they work together every day to exceed your expectations.


Denis Boucher B. Ing., CFPIM, PMP President / Expert in SAP Project management

Boasting over 30 years of experience, Denis Boucher has participated in the implementation of various software packages in more than sixty projects, having held the roles of analyst, project manager, PMO director, solution architect, and quality advisor. These projects have helped him acquire unique and diversified knowledge in the pharmaceutical, food, aerospace, furniture, building products, and processing industries. His vast experience allows him to keenly understand companies' business needs, challenges, and constraints. As president, founder, and SAP project management expert, he proudly offers his vision and excellent practices to DBC Conseils' clients.

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Jean-François Brossard B. Ing. Vice-President Business Development

Having over 25 years of experience in ERP solutions and acting through the years as functional consultant, project manager, presales manager and then sales account executive, he is recognized as a leader with a strong delivery background. Versed as well with solutions complementary to the core ERP, Jean-François helps his customers take advantage of the technologies they implement. He oversees business development at DBC.

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Joël Grégoire B.A.A., PMP Vice-President, Services

With over 20 years of experience in SAP solutions, Joël is recognized not only for the quality of his deliverables and the thoroughness of his work, but also for his keen understanding of SAP processes and modern business challenges. He joined DBC in 2022 as a partner and Vice President of Services, where his expertise in ERP systems is highly valued.

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Kremena Todorova M. Sc., CMP Project Manager & Responsible for Resource Coaching

Kremena has more than 15 years of experience in production and planning in the highly regulated industry running SAP. Her goals are to help the client not only in the successful implementation of SAP projects, but also to support managers and work teams to prepare, equip and help individuals to successfully adopt change.

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Niège Barbosa Pe., ing., M.Sc. Architect & Responsible for our Data Governance Services

When working with Niège, you can expect a dedicated spirit, diligent work ethic, and extensive expertise in continuous improvement / Lean Management. Driven by her penchant for problem-solving and fostering a deep understanding of her clients' needs, Niège is widely regarded as an excellent team player! Her career trajectory has included an increasingly varied series of challenges and responsibilities, particularly in the water treatment field, her specialty. Now a project manager at DBC, she is highly valued for her caring and compassionate approach.

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Benoit Brault Eng. Supply Chain Expert & Responsible for our Supply Chain Planning Services

Having graduated from the University of Sherbrooke with a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, Benoît has cultivated his versatile expertise by working with clients from both the manufacturing and distribution sectors. With proven skills in production and supply chains, his keen and pragmatic vision ensures a comprehensive outlook on action plans proposed to clients. An excellent coordinator, his involvement in each and every project is remarkable.

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Manon St-Jacques B.A.A, PMP Program Manager & Responsible for our Project Management Services

Boasting a strong work ethic based on collaboration, support, and mutual assistance, Manon is passionate about mobilizing teams and seeing them achieve common goals. Working here on the deployment of SAP solutions, she values a 360-degree vision of her projects, drawing on the contributions of various departments to bolster the growth and experience of her clients.

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Philippe Duchaine-Brunet B.Com., B. Ing. Project Manager assistant & Responsible for Marketing

With a Bachelor's degree in Commercial Science and Industrial Engineering, Philippe made a name for himself in the air transport industry, where he left a lasting impression. In 2021, he joined DBC with the goal of sharing his leadership and business development skills to help clients integrate business solutions through ERP implementation.

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Rosanne Granger B. Ing. Team Lead

Autonomous and resourceful, Roséanne work as a Business Analyst and accompany our project managers on our mandates. She has a keen interest into project planning and project management, and she is successfully already demonstrating such skills in the context of key internal initiatives!

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Amaryllis Duval B. Ing. Business Analyst

Having had the chance of being involved in several occasions in mechanical engineering development projects, Amaryllis was well exposed to project methodology well before joining DBC! Now a Business Analyst, she currently focuses on master data management in SAP. Very active, her past experiences allowed her to develop a good management of her time schedule and priorities to achieve fixed objectives.

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Damia Demoucelle B.A.A. Business Analyst/ SAP Analyst

Naturally curious and eager to learn, Damia is a SAP/ Business Analyst at DBC. Strong of her experience in retail, she is more and more involved in other business areas. Her certificate in business intelligence is a clearly nice complement to her baccalaureate in the field of operations management.

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Katrine Trottier B. Ing. Business Analyst

Graduated in industrial engineering, Katrine is passionate about two topics (among others!): consulting and Big Data. So she joined DBC in order to meeting both passions. Autonomous, listening to her customers and having had the chance to prove her leadership in multiple pccasions, she now focuses on data management.

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Caroline Robillard B. Ing. Business Analyst

Having obtained her industrial engineering bachelor degree with an award of excellence, in parallel to being strongly involved in several students committees in different roles throughout the years (VP Finances, VP Marketing, President), Caroline joins DBC as a supply chain business analyst and is eager to take on new challenges! She has past experiences in the industry at Moderco, Mine Canadian Malartic and Olymel.

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Félix Chouinard B. Ing. Business Analyst

Having graduated in industrial engineering and always looking for new challenges, Félix joined DBC as a business analyst in order to capitalise on his expertise in logistics as well as his interest in project management. He actually prove both with brio with his implication at Poly-Monde, organizing from start to finish 60 industrial visits, as well as at Paccar as a coordinator / supervisor on the production line.

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Louise Gendron Business Analyst in Data Management

Rightly regarded as a key player in the integration of SAP projects, Louise joined DBC in the spring of 2023 as a business analyst. Motivated by process optimization and the judicious use of data, her analytical skills are second to none. Louise boasts a rich and multifaceted professional background, expertise in data management, and a keen ear for her clients' needs.

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Alexandre Faucher B.A.A. Business Analyst

Curious, diligent, and multitalented, Alexandre Faucher is truly passionate! Hired as a Business Analyst in May 2023, he is strongly driven by achieving his clients' goals and finding solutions to even the most complex problems. He thrives on facing challenges with enthusiasm and does whatever it takes to ensure long-term success.

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Muriel King Leong B.A.A. Supply Chain Solutions Specialist

Driven by a passion for teamwork and results, Muriel's keen understanding of the challenges faced by our clientele makes her an invaluable ally. Her specialty? A strong expertise in supply chain, where her talent for federating, training, and organizing have proved impressive. As a Supply Chain Solutions Specialist, she relishes tight-knit collaborations and strives to be a driving force for change.

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Mathias Malhotra B. Ing. Business Analyst

Mathias' determination is revealed in his bold choices. Time and time again, his audacious spirit shines in both his personal and professional life. At DBC, where he specializes in all facets of procurement and logistics management, we can't help but admire his enthusiasm and strong work ethic.

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Nicolas Paré B.Ing. Analyst & Project Controller (PCO)

Ready to face any challenge, his determination is truly remarkable, and he never wavers when faced with project contingencies.Since joining DBC as a business analyst, his keen analytical skills and strong reliability have proved admirable and noteworthy.

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Hervé Kuentz B. Ing, M.Sc., CPIM Solution Architect

Hervé has over 22 years of experience implementing SAP logistics solutions mainly in the manufacturing and distribution industry. Having participated in more than 50 projects, Hervé will be able to find the best solution in terms of supply, sales or warehouse management.

Barbara Schratz Team management in SAP technology

Barbara has over 15 years of team management experience in SAP technology. She has always worked in the manufacturing industry (33 years). An excellent communicator, she knows how to navigate well in politicized environments with a multitude of partners. She is responsible for deployment activities at our customers.

Marie-Claude Gauthier Team Lead Data Conversion

Graduated in industrial engineering technology and specialized in ERP system. She has over 21 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Innovative and called upon with an analytical and logical approach. Leader who encourages others to surpass themselves. She bring beneficial solutions. She is responsible for data conversion activities for our customers.

Nadine Boucher CA, CPA Finance Director

Nadine is DBC’s chief accountant. She handles all accounting and tax operations, and maintains process flexibility and efficiency.

Éric Perrier B. Ing., LL.B. Corporate Affairs Director

The group’s lead lawyer, Éric is responsible for all contracts, agreements and statements relating to work structure. His role is to ensure that all parties abide by contractual clauses.

Yves Bigaouette MBA, B.A.A Accounting

Yves has over 30 years' experience in logistics, notably as a manager for major names in the food industry. He is responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, bank transfers, and other accounting matters at DBC.

François Duchesne Communication / Branding

An expert in visual communications and art direction. Has contributed to the branding of many private companies and public agencies.

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Marie-Michèle Imbleau Copywriting / Social Media

As a writer and digital content strategist, Marie-Michèle has spent nearly 15 years helping brands and companies of all sizes in creating and distributing rich, original, and personalized content, both for the web and for social networks.