Philippe Duchaine-Brunet B.Com., B. Ing. Team Lead

With a Bachelor's degree in Commercial Science and Industrial Engineering, Philippe made a name for himself in the air transport industry, where he left a lasting impression. In 2021, he joined DBC with the goal of sharing his leadership and business development skills to help clients integrate business solutions through ERP implementation.

Philippe holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Ottawa and a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering degree from Polytechnique Montreal. He has been involved in several academic competitions that have earned him podiums, academic scholarships, and concrete business experience. At Polytechnique, he held the position of treasurer of the Industrial Engineering Student Council.

He began his career in the air transport industry for a large company, where he rose rapidly to become a department team leader. He supervised operations for over 100 employees, contributed to the management and development of the department, was involved in sales and training, and served as an individual coach. During this time, Philippe developed strong interpersonal, leadership, and adaptability skills.

He eventually transitioned to the company’s marketing department and quickly earned the position of specialist. He distinguished himself by managing various projects related to sales, business development, operations, and customer experience. This period allowed him to acquire a great deal of knowledge through interactions with various departments. Contributing to increased sales and profitability while reducing costs for all projects is a source of great pride for Philippe.

After 8 years in this field, Philippe became an independent consultant and participated in business development projects for various retail businesses as well as in the fields of air transport, events, and even factory design. After nearly 3 years, he made the jump to DBC in order to make the most of his professional experience while helping clients integrate business solutions through ERP implementation.

Competitive at heart, Philippe is an avid sports fan and spends his free time playing soccer, field hockey, golf, squash, basketball, tennis, badminton, and more. As an epicurean, he rewards his physical efforts with the pleasures of the table.