Louise Gendron Business Analyst in Data Management

Rightly regarded as a key player in the integration of SAP projects, Louise joined DBC in the spring of 2023 as a business analyst. Motivated by process optimization and the judicious use of data, her analytical skills are second to none. Louise boasts a rich and multifaceted professional background, expertise in data management, and a keen ear for her clients' needs.

Louise Gendron’s keen ability to navigate data management stems from her extensive experience working for a leading pharmaceutical company. She has held various positions, including supply chain specialist, accounts payable manager, and cost accountant. This experience is enriched by her APICS certifications, internationally recognized programs designed to confirm the skills of professionals in supply chain management, operations, and production/inventory management.

Having joined DBC in the spring of 2023 as a business analyst, Louise remains interested in processes and data, aiming to maximize ERP systems and minimize Excel manipulations. While this is her favourite part of the job, she also delights in the challenge of learning new features.

Determined to continually optimize system efficiency and eliminate non-value added tasks, Louise specializes in the world of SAP project management, where inventory movements, planning, judicious use of data, and quality reporting are part of her daily routine. Her clients praise her for her analytical skills, attentiveness to their needs, and commitment to suggesting quality improvements, all of which make her a valuable asset to any integration project.

In her spare time, she takes her Australian shepherd for daily walks, rides a road bike, and works out at home. She also loves trying out new recipes.