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DBC + Stella-Jones : SCP Project

Once again, DBC and Stella-Jones, the undisputed market leader in treated wood for the residential sector, have successfully completed a supply chain management project. Split into two complementary phases, this project first aimed to establish an integrated Sales & Operations Planning (SAP IBP) cycle, followed by the implementation of production planning and sequencing processes (S/4 PP), as well as pull procurement (S/4 MM) for manufacturing entities in Eastern Canada. The project ran for approximately 8 months, from the kick-off meeting to the completion of the first cycles of the stated processes.


Integrative project aiming to enhance supply chain visibility and integration


Establishing the S&OP cycle
The Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process, supported by the launch of the SAP IBP solution, now enables the organization’s decision-makers to effortlessly collaborate on a wide range of key topics, such as sales forecasts, production and procurement capacities, and product lifecycle management (PLM), for a horizon of over 18 months.


Optimizing supply chain planning
Moreover, additions to the existing SAP S/4 solution have made it possible to establish the leveling of production resource occupancy, the optimized sequencing of finite-capacity production orders, and the monitoring of material purchase proposals (MRP), all aligned with a master production plan (MPS) drawn directly from the S&OP cycle. As a result, all supply chain links are aligned on a single plan, allowing users to focus on exceptions and letting the ERP system handle low-value-added tasks.



Benefits for the organization
These implemented symbiotic elements enable our client to control, plan, and act as efficiently and consistently as possible for all players in the supply chain, for days and years to come!


A tailor-made project
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to deploy this type of integration project. We’d be delighted to support you on your way to a new level of success by adapting our approach to your organization, priorities, and aspirations!


For more information on the manufacturing process of wood treatment, watch the video


Client : Stella-Jones
Division : Residential treated wood
Deployment : July 2023
Practice : Supply chain planning (SCP)